‘UDP doesn’t recognise Barrow Youth Movement’

Friday, May 10, 2019

The secretary general and leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has said that his party doesn’t know much about Barrow Youth Movement (BYM), and that they as UDP do not recognise the latter.

Ousainou Darboe, was speaking in a recent interview aired on Star FM Radio, where he was asked about his take on Barrow Youth Movement.

He further said he believes development is the responsibility of government and that he also knows that some organisation or movement can complement government efforts but not like the BYM.

“There are some organisations that portrayed to be complementing government development efforts, but we don’t see them putting in chairmen at the constituencies as well as paying political activists for implementation. So to me it is not a developmental agency they just portrayed to be like, but what they are doing is politic.”

He continued: “We all see what happened last Sunday, there is no development agency, be it a fans club or youth development movement that will do that apart from a political party”.

Such a move, he observed, is how APRC started first with the July 22nd Movement and later transformed into a political party and this is the truth.

“I will not want to talk about an individual or to call names, but there are lot of people today who are known by people through UDP party. If anybody thinks that leaving UDP will weaken or destroy the party, then you are fooling yourself.”

He further explained that UDP grassroots are very strong, saying their party philosophy is to promote an individual and the party so that their party can operate independently.

Darboe, however, maintained that the UDP is bigger than any individual.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara