TYL commits to youth development

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The vice president of The Youth League (TYL) has said that the movement is comprised of young patriots, who are united with a common passion to contribute meaningfully to the development of The Gambia.

Momodou Bah was speaking recently at the launch of the movement, at a colorful ceremony held at the American Corner along Kairaba Avenue.

The Youth League, he said, main objectives are to breach the uncommunicative nature that prevails between the government and the civilians; were civic sensitization becomes the central pillar in spreading positive message to the populace.

Bah also highlighted that the members of the movement are committed to inspiring generation of Gambian youth so as to cultivate a desire of readiness and portray a real sense of patriotism and commitment towards national development.  

 For his part, Dr Ismaila Ceesay, Senior Political Science lecturer at the University of The Gambia called on young people to play a lead role in consolidating peace, democracy and development in the country.

Dr Ceesay maintained that the role of young people is to find solution to the problem of under development and consolidate peace in The Gambia.

 The government, he said, is spending money on bullet proof while patients are dying at the hospital lack of blood bags.

 Dr Ceesay also noted that there are  numbers of students at the University of The Gambia, who are sent homes because they don’t pay their tuitions.

Hon. Halifa Sallah, member for Serrekunda Central, reminded youth about their crucial role as citizen. Hon. Sallah recalled that The Gambia gain its independence in 1970 and it became a sovereign state that is how citizenship emerged.    

Author: Sanna Jallow