Two customers hit GM Lottery with D85, 000 Jackpot

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Two customers of GM Lottery have recently hit the jackpot with eighty-five thousand dalasi.

First winner Amadou Jallow won 60, 000 dalasi while second winner Armando Mendy took 25, 000 dalasi. They both expressed gratitude to GM Lottery company for their win, saying their continuous participation in the game have finally brought them good luck.

Mr. Jallow said this is his highest win after being playing the lotto every day and would sometimes win meagre amounts.

He said he is a firewood seller and considering the number of children he is taking care of, it sometimes cause him problems when he don’t have enough for the family. “I’ll use this money to complete my unfinished building and for the feeding of my family.”

Mr. Mendy thanked the Lottery Company for what he called their ‘honest’ work and expressed appreciation for being a winner, saying although the money is not huge to be able to purchase a land for him but it will still make huge changes in his life.

He said he will continue to be a customer of GM Lottery as they are very honest, hoping that he maybe lucky next time to win a bigger amount to be able to buy a land or house for him.

The company’s managing director George Smart expressed happiness about his company, saying they are only two years old in the country and has been able to please its customers.

“We are not interested in keeping peoples’ money. We are always happy to pay our customers” he said.

He said the highest jackpot won so far is 304,300 which was won in January 2018 and was paid to the winner without any hesitation. He encourages customers to play with them as they will be paid without any hesitation.

Author: Fatou O Barrow