Turkish team introduces waste management equipment to KMC

Monday, March 04, 2019

Sanna Jallow

A team from the Turkish National Waste Management has introduced a waste management equipment to Knifing Municipal Councils (KMC) management and showed them the way to manage waste and manufacture them into useful materials.

The Turkish National Waste Management was established in 1994. The company started small and has now employed three hundred people, aiming to transform the company to international standard. In West Africa, they choose The Gambia as their first country to invest.

Mevlut Fatih Peker, business development manager of Istanbul Environmental Management Industry and Trading Company said the project aim to reduce waste in the environment.

He said the waste that they collect is a mixture of many types of nutrition which are used to manufacture manure for farmers to use on their farms instead of fertilizer.

He said the waste management creates employment and help them in sustaining their economy by recycling the materials again and again.

He said they provide different waste management equipment and the compost of plant and energy production from gas and carbon emissions reduction which is 4.8 tons while city and sea cleaning equipment is 31.700 tons.

Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda, thanked the team for choosing The Gambia within the West African countries to introduce the equipment. “I hope one day it will happen in The Gambia as well and we will take it into consideration to work with the team step by step.”