Turkish philanthropist donates bulls

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Turkish philanthropist based in Netherlands in partnership with Cemiyatul Hyre Relief Organization (CHRO) through their International Humanitarian Relief Organization (IHHNL) in The Gambia have slaughtered and donated 74 bulls to needy Gambians as part of their Tobaski humanitarian support to the poor and the needy.

Cemiyatul Hyre Relief Organization Country Director Musa Jallow explained that forty seven bulls were distributed and slaughtered in Jarra East in the Lower River Region, while the other twenty-seven were distributed and slaughtered within the Greater Banjul Area.

According to Mr. Jallow, the Netherland-based Turkish philanthropists provided the gifts. He thanked the donors for making the facilitation of the gift a success. He also commended the donors, saying that the 74 bulls were not a small amount to them, saying, “We cannot measure how much people were happy about the gifts.”

He said beside the bull charity, they have other projects where less privileged people and families have been benefiting. He said this year, 170 orphans benefited from clothing and 170 school bags gifts.

He said as part of their activities, they visited the Turkish deputy Ambassador who expressed appreciation to them for their intervention.

According to him, during their stay in The Gambia, they were able to visit some of their intervention sites, like Kassa Kunda, where they built a boarding school for orphans three classroom blocks and kitchen. 

Author: Fatou Cham