Turkish agencies sacrifice and distribute bulls in Gambia

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On the occasion of the 2019 Eid Al-Adha (Tobaski), the Turkish Red Crescent (TURK KIZILAY) in collaboraation with Munazama Al Dawah Al-Islamiya, has taken part in the carrying out of a sacrifice campaign of slaughtering, packaging and distributing sacrificial bulls to the needy people of The Republic of The Gambia.

Within this framework, the two teams visited the regions where slaughtering exercise took place and prepared a distribution programme. During the Tobaski feast, they slaughtered 100 bulls and distributed the sacrificial meat in different regions, 20 bulls in Fajikunda region, 20 bulls in Mandinari, 20 bulls in Abuko region, 20 bulls in Yundum, and 20 bulls in Kotu. Consequently, the team collected 15,000kg of meat, which they delivered to 3,000 needy families in 5 kg bags. The needy welcomed the sacrificial meat distributed with great joy.

On the other hand, The Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs sacrificed 150 bulls. In collaboration with The Gambia Muslim Hands, the team sacrificed 75 bulls in the following regions: Tujereng 10 bulls, Taibatou and Sinchu Wuri 10 bulls, Gunjur 10 bulls, Latriya and Dara Busumbala 10 bulls, Busumbala 9 bulls, Mandinari 5 bulls, Faraba 10 bulls, and Basori 11 bulls

Similarly in collaboration with The Gambia Islamic Forum, the team sacrificed 75 bulls in the following places: Tallinding 25 bulls, Pirang 5 bulls, Sutusinjang 4 bulls, Tampoto 4 bulls, Kalagi 3 bulls, Jiffarong 5 bulls, Kuli Kunda 9 bulls, Keneba 6 bulls, Barra 2 bulls, Birending 2 bulls, Jurunko 5 bulls, Bakan Karantaba 3 bulls, and Abuko 2 bulls.