Turkey-ECOWAS Economic, Business Forum opens

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Turkey-ECOWAS joint Economic and Business Forum organised by Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) is currently underway in Istanbul, Turkey.

The forum brings together decision makers and business people from Turkey and ECOWAS to strengthen economic ties and create opportunities for trade and investment.

The Forum provides a platform for the business circles from ECOWAS countries to meet with their Turkish counterparts to develop new partnerships which aims to build, produce together, sell what’s produced together and share the profit.

Turkey’s “win-win” approach towards Africa has culminates in booming economic relationship between the parties. According to organisers, this policy focuses on political equality, transparency, sustainability and mutual economic development.

The president of DEIK, Nail Olpak, highlighted the importance of fostering trade and economic relations between Turkey and the ECOWAS member states.

The Turkish minister of Economy, H.E. Nihat Zeibekci, reiterated the friendship Turkey has with African countries, saying that’s why Turkey will do a lot more not only economic and industry but also in the area of security because of terrorism in today’s world.

He said that Turkey will help engage African countries in terms peace and stability.

The president of the Federation of West Africa Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FEWACCI), Germain Essohouna Meba,

FEWACCI was established in 1976 as a platform for regular dialogue and consultation between the National Chambers of Commerce, the ECOWAS Commission, Member States and other stakeholders to strengthen and promote economic integration.

“Its mission is to defend the interests of the private sector in order to promote its involvement in political decision-making related to the improvement of the business environment and the development of intra-community investment projects.”

He said that FEWACCI is currently promoting a regional shipping company, the “West Africa SEALINK Company”, to provide reliable and affordable shipping services to economic operators.

He pointed out that reflections are also continuing on transport, telecommunication, energy and housing infrastructure projects, for which FEWACCI plans to set up Special Promotion Companies (SPV) with the involvement of technical and strategic partners.

“ECOWAS support for private sector projects as a community enterprise,” he said, pointing out that it is the place to recognise and appreciate the key role played by the ECOWAS Investment and Development Bank (EBID), the financial arm of our community organisation, which has always participated alongside the FEWACCI in the design and the implementation of all these projects.

Author: Baba Hydara in Turkey