Turkey-ECOWAS Business Forum

Friday, February 23, 2018

Historically, the Ottoman Empire had a foothold in Africa. Since 2002, Turkey began to be active on the continent with a new opening policy for Africa as well as the declaration of 2005 as the year of Africa. In 2011, the African Economic Outlook (AEO) declared Turkey one of the most important partners of the continent.

Turkey’s decade-long economic boom has been accompanied by a renewed interest in Africa and the trade volume with African Continent has been tripled to 16,7 billion USD in 2016 compared to 5,4 billion USD in 2003.

Turkey’s approach towards Africa, “win-win policy” has culminated in this burgeoning relation between Turkey and Africa. This policy focuses on political equality and mutual economic development rather than creating new relations of dependence, tutelage and exploitation.

In line with this foreign policy, DEiK/Turkey-Africa Business Councils, already operating in 42 African countries, aims to improve Turkey’s commercial and investment relations with African countries and increase the share of Turkish companies in the African market. The Business Councils focus on the activities to improve the already strong economic relations in cooperation with its counterpart organizations.

Within this regard, Turkey-ECOWAS Economic and Business Forum is organized by Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) under the main theme of “Deepening Economic Partnership between Turkey and ECOWAS Members” on 22-23 February 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Forum hosted by Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey will be held in cooperation with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission.

The event is expected to gather Ministers of Trade/Economy from ECOWAS countries, Chairpersons of the Chambers of Industry and Trade and Business Associations as well as members of the Turkish and African business circles from 15 countries in West Africa representatives of the media from Turkey and Africa are invited. The 2 day-program will be enriched with inaugural ceremony, Ministerial meeting, G2B meetings (country project presentations) along with B2B meetings and gala dinner.

Previously, Turkey-Africa Economic and Business Forum was jointly organized by Turkish Ministry of Economy, African Union Commission (AUC) and DEIK. The Forum, held under the auspices of President of the Republic of Turkey H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, brought together 50 top ranking officials from 42 African countries along with 2.500 business people from Turkey and 49 African countries on 2-3 November 2016 in Istanbul.

Furthermore, Turkey-Africa 1st Agriculture Ministers Meeting and Agribusiness Forum” on 27-28 April 2017 in Antalya This Forum, which was another step in a continuum of events successfully co-organized by DEIK and AUC, brought together 48 Agriculture Ministers from 54 African countries, 46 representatives of international organizations, 184 bureaucrats and about 1.500 Turkish and African business persons.

A Guest Editorial