Tujereng youth takes enterprising Agribusiness

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Ebrima Jallow, a young entrepreneur in Tujereng, Kombo South has taken up agribusiness as his business enterprise specialising in sheep breeding and marketing.

He is the president of Gambia Sheep Breeders Association and established his own farm called Jallow Farm, some five years ago.

Since the commencement of the business, Jallow have been exploring the untapped opportunities available in the agribusiness sector by attracting customers within and outside The Gambia.

He bagged an advance national Diploma in business studies and computing in Bracknell and Wokingham College in the United Kingdom.

He believes that agriculture is a virgin area in The Gambia from where one can gain high return in capital investment. Jallow left any stone unturned in making internet research to acquire knowledge on sheep breeding and medicare.

He told the Youth Forum that virtually 95% of sheep coming in to the country are mostly breds from Senegal and Mauritania and there is still huge available market for the young people to explore.

He said he was motivated to venture into sheep fattening due to the high cost they are sold at lumos and the livestock selling points in the country.

With the help of his research engagements, Jallow said he is able to personally do diagnosis of his sheep during diseases outbreak and eventually vaccinate and inject them for proper medication.

His main target is to produce 500 more sheep in the next five years.

As part of his challenges in the agribusiness sector, he decried the lack of recognition of the economic potential  of the sheep breeding industry, observing that only three vetenary personnel are available at the department of agriculture, which according to him, is not enough.

“Even antibiotics for sheep are not available in the country. I usually buy the medication from Senegal,” he said.

He said the high cost of sheep feeding (groundnut hay) compelled him to buy two horses for farming to produce groundnut and use the hay as feed for the sheep while the groundnut will sold and consumed at home.

Jallow called on The Gambia government to support local businesses especially farmers and to encourage them to invest in the country.

He urged the youth to venture into agriculture. “The 50, 000 dalasi that they spend to travel through the back way to Europe can be invested into business.”