Tujereng gets D4M skills center

Thursday, March 07, 2019

The Foundation for the Needy-Gambia and SoS-Gambia has provided a skills training center costing D4 million for the Tujereng community. The skills center called FONGAM Skills Training Center was over the weekend inaugurated at Tujereng village.

The Foundation for the needy-Gambia and SOS-Gambia, is a registered NGO based in Denmark that operates in The Gambia.

Giving a brief background of the training center, Malamin Fatty – principal of FONGAM Skills Training Center said the center was opened in September 2015 with 50 students and since then the number of the enrolment is growing.

He said the current total number of students enrolled at the centre is eighty-three, that comprises 46 boys and 37 girls. He disclosed that the school curriculum includes Information Communication Technology (ICT), Mathematics, English Language and Business Management.

He revealed that the center’s deserving students are sponsored by the SOS-Gambia to further their education at GTTI, NAWEC School and Insight Training Centre where they will study electrical installation among other courses.

Principal Fatty highlighted that skills development is an integral aspect of economic and social development, adding that “acquisition of skills is a catalyst to enhancement of national development”.

Susan Skove Petersen, chairlady of SOS-Gambia NGO, thanked the gathering especially sponsors – Denmark and U.S. for joining them to inaugurate the skills center.

She advised the community of Tujereng to take good care of the facilities to enable them get more help from the sponsors.  She disclosed that the money used for the building of the center came from the Danish people.

She said “from the beginning of the project, we thought it is only Tujereng people who will be enrolled in the center, but it came to our notice that some students who are far away are also attending the center.”

The center in its 4th year of operation, she continued, will create jobs for Gambians as the first batch graduated in 2018. She pointed out that 8 of their best students are currently under scholarship at GTTI and other institutions.

FONGAM National Coordinator, Omar M.J.P. Ndow said FONGAM is a non-profit NGO founded in 2008, and since its inception, the NGO has been providing bursaries to hundreds of students in the country.

“This year, it has provided bursaries through SOS-Gambia to 100 students at a cost amounting to D8 million and also offered sponsorship to 8 students to further their education at higher levels,” Fatty informed.

He thanked the chair lady of SOS-Gambia, Susan Skove Petersen and all those who made the ceremony possible especially the chief of Kombo South, Lamin Darboe, councilor of Bundung Six-Junction ward, Sulayman Jammeh and others.

Author: Yunus S Saliu