Tujereng alkalo believes voting should be made mandatory

Monday, December 24, 2018

Karamo S. Bojang, the alkalo of Tujereng village, has called on the Constitutional Review Commission to make voting mandatory in the new constitution.

Alkalo Bojang made this remark last Friday at his village during a public sensitisation campaign organised by National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) in partnership with the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC). The campaign is meant to prepare and set the ground for public consultations proper across the country.

Mr. Bojang said voting should be made mandatory for every Gambian who has met the requirement: age and is of sound mind.

He pointed out that some people will deliberately stay and home and refuse to go and cast their votes, saying it was better to go to the polling station and make your vote an invalid one rather than stay at home for no reason.

He noted that people found wanting should face the full force of the law because resources are spent on issuing voters cards.

He also said that Basic and Secondary education should not only be made free but compulsory for every Gambian.

He also called for the introduction of a two-term limit for the presidency.

Ebrima Jaiteh, a native of Brufut suggested that ministers’ appointment be approved by National Assembly Members to ensure that those nominated are competent. He also called for the presidential educational requirement to be upgraded to university degree.

Speaking at Lamin village on Saturday, Mbemba Touray, the village’s ward councilor said the constitution is the future of the citizens and as such everyone should contribute in its drafting to ensure that it is a constitution that represents the interest of all.

Yusupha Gomez, the secretary to Lamin Village Development Committee, called for the introduction of quality education, saying some people learn up to university level without being able to read a letter, write or speak good English.

He also noted that there are students in the country who still sit on floors to learn and write exams and therefore called on CRC to capture quality education in the draft new constitution.

Alh. Musa Bojang, a member of Lamin Council of Elders, said the president has been given excess powers and as such urged the CRC to introduce the setting up of commission in the draft new constitution who will be responsible of major government appointments.

At Busumbala village, Nfansu Jatta said the president should not be given the power to hire and fire those in major positions.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: Alkalo Karamo S. Bojang