Trust Bank extends benevolence to Farafenni Hospital Speech Delivered by Trust Bank MD

Monday, November 26, 2018

Master of ceremony 

Mr. Wandifa Samateh - CEO Farafenni Hospital

The Management team, both Medical and Administrative

The Esteemed Patients of Farafenni General Hospital

My colleagues from Trust Bank Ltd

All other protocols respectfully and duly observed


It is with immense pleasure and humility that I stand here to deliver this donation of medical supplies and other consumables worth D200, 000.00 to Farafenni General Hospital.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, let me begin by thanking the CEO of the hospital Mr. Wandifa Samateh for the elaborate preparation for this occasion. I would also like to thank the entire staff and the people of Farafenni for the warm welcome accorded to me and my team.

I am extremely excited to meet with the staffs of the Hospital for yet another time and I must say that you are a longtime friend of Trust Bank LTD. Thank you Mr. Samateh for making this day a success.

I believe that the choice of donating to the maternity ward, responsible for providing care for women during pregnancy and childbirth as well as for newborn infants was most appropriate.

The presentation today will not only include medical supplies, but the love and generosity of the Trust Bank family to the people of North Bank Region.

Distinguished ladies and gentleman, please allow me to remind ourselves that the presentation today, is just a continuation of the work that Trust Bank has been doing for this hospital for the good of the people of North Bank Region.

It is a continuation of a journey which started about 17 years ago with the strategic objective of complimenting governments’ efforts to ensuring that no mother should die while giving birth, and that no child should die at birth from preventable causes and that quality health services will be accessible to all Gambians.

Since then, records have shown that we have achieved a lot together as Gambians albeit all the challenges along the way and I am optimistic that sooner rather than later, we shall achieve our ultimate objective.

 Since adopting the maternity ward, Trust Bank has extended numerous supports that have impacted positively on the lives of the patients. Today, we all take pride in the fact that many mothers with complicated pregnancies will safely deliver their babies and that many medical emergencies will now be managed here at Farafenni Hospital. People will no longer need to travel all the way to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) to get quality health services.

Last year, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Trust Bank LTD with patients’, staffs and guardians here whilst we also acknowledge, through a donation, the role that the Farafenni General Hospital plays in the lives of many Gambians across the North Bank Region.

As the Managing Director of Trust Bank, I look forward to continuing this relationship which have started years ago and will look forward to visiting the hospital once again.

On behalf of Trust Bank Ltd, I would like to convey to the Board and Management of Farafenni Hospital our profound sense of joy and appreciation and also reiterate our firm commitment to further strengthening our partnership for the benefit of the people of North Bank Region.

On that note, I now have the honour to hand over the items to the administration of the Farafenni General Hospital.