Trust Bank assists Bansang Hospital

Monday, December 03, 2018

The Trust Bank Ltd. has recently donated laboratory equipment worth D200, 000.00 to Bansang Hospital at a presentation held in Bansang. The items included: refrigerators, computer, air conditioners, ceiling fans, microscope and other equipment.

Handing over the materials, the managing director of Trust Bank Ltd., Ibrahima Salla, hailed the CEO of Bansang Hospital Mr. Baba Jeng for making the day a success. “I would also like to thank the entire staff and the people of Bansang for the warm welcome accorded to me and my entourage,” he said.

He disclosed that the presentation did not only include laboratory equipment, but the love and generosity of the Trust Bank family to the people of Central River Region.

“We at Trust Bank are particularly proud to donate to this special hospital because the promotion of quality health care is a cause close to our hearts as it constitutes one of the main pillars on which our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is built.”

He added: “Our relationship with Bansang Hospital started few years ago and in 2014, we donated D100, 000.00 to support the theatre unit. With this donation, we are providing lab equipments to help carry out clinical specimens to obtain information about the health of patients to aid in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.”

He recalled that following the recent storm disaster that hit this region, a Trust Bank team was dispatched to visit the hospital to have a firsthand knowledge of the extent of the damage and to find out how they could contribute to help restore the lab.   It became clear that most of the equipment were damaged by the storm and that jeopardised the proper functioning of the lab and seriously compromised the overall care of the patients, he further disclosed. 

As a consequence of those dire circumstances, and acting on the recommendation of the hospitals Management, he said that Trust Bank Ltd. set aside D200, 000.00 for the procurement of new laboratory equipment for Bansang Hospital.

“As a proudly Gambian bank with a Corporate Social Responsibility programme grounded on the principles of sharing and caring, we believe this donation is a great way to give back to our communities.”

He pointed out that they are also aware and appreciate that their customers from all corners of The Gambia, and even themselves as employees of Trust Bank together with their family members directly or indirectly benefit from the services offered by Bansang Hospital, thus indirectly supporting them and their businesses.

“This donation we are about to present today is another example of our firm commitment to continue to support government’s efforts through the Department of State for Health and Social Welfare in improving the standard of health care delivery in the country,” he reminded.

He added that those are the principles that Trust Bank stands for and as he called on all other stakeholders to embrace them through collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.  “That is fundamental in our drive to achieve quality health care delivery as envisaged in the “New Gambia.”

“As the managing director of Trust Bank, I look forward to continuing this relationship and to visit the hospital once again.”

He finally used the opportunity to express joy and appreciation to the Board and Management of Bansang Hospital, while reiterating their firm commitment to further strengthen partnership with the hospital for the benefit of the people of the region.

“So, on behalf of the Board, Management and entire staff of Trust Bank Ltd., I have the honour and pleasure of presenting this set of laboratory equipment to the Management of Bansang Hospital,” he concluded.