TRRC witness compares Jammeh with Fir’awn

Friday, July 26, 2019

Giving his concluding remarks after his testimony at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), on Tuesday afternoon, Lt. Malick Jatta, one of the ‘junglers’ who has confessed to his participation in some heinous killings of some people through several orders and commands received from his superiors has made a comparison between ex-president, Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh and Fir’wan (Pharaoh), saying the former “maybe be better than the latter by only a bit.”

He stated that he and his accomplices (other junglers) worked under a leader they thought they knew “but we didn’t know him, he was a disguise.”

Seeking for forgiveness from the whole nation, he said he used to believe in Ex-president Jammeh when he would carry the Holy Qur’an and say “I am a Muslim but at the end of the day when I got closer to him in the system, I came to realise that he may be better than Fir’wan only by a bit.”

Lt. Malick Jatta, known and recognised as one of the junglers had carried out several killings of people in The Gambia based on instructions from his superior commanders. He said he believes that many Gambian brains have been hypnotized as he pointed out why he referred Ex-president Yahya Jammeh to match up with the famous Fir’wan in the Holy Qur’an; also known as King Pharaoh in the Holy Bible. “We have seen many types of charities that were never existing, he (Yahya Jammeh) might be better than Fir’wan where he (Fir’wan) said I am God,” he pointed out.

Apart from that, he continued that if you think about other activities of Fir’wan “they all befit this disguise man.” He expressed his dismay on how some people are still glorifying him till now, adding that “fine, even if he has brought development I will say ‘yes’ but if we weigh that development with the destruction, it is distinguishable.”

In conclusion, aware of his past wrongdoings, said many might attribute his divulging of the past atrocities committed to the general public due to their failure, saying “somebody will say ‘yes’ he (himself) has failed that’s why he’s talking like that, no problem, I know God is a witness he knows the innermost of individual.”

Author: Yunus S Saliu