TRRC: Jammeh ordered the execution of Nov. 11 ring leaders

Friday, April 26, 2019

Sana Bairo Sabally has told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) chaired by Dr. Lamin J. Sise; that after capturing the soldiers at Yundum Barrack, he called Yahya Jammeh who ordered him to execute the ring leaders.

He disclosed that when he found a note in Lt. Barrow’s chest-pocket after conducting search on him, he called Lt. Yahya Jammeh, who immediately ordered their execution.

At that point, Sana Sabally told the Commission that the council was responsible for the execution of Lt. Basirou Barrow and Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal.

He revealed that he could not recall seeing the Army Commander Major Babucarr Jatta being armed and that Babucarr Jatta did not command the area he was overseeing at Fajara Barrack. He testified that Jatta did not play any major role in the operation.

He said Babucarr Jatta never knew that the captured soldiers would be executed and it was after Lt. Barrow and Lt. Dot Faal were excuted at Fajara barrack that he went to Radio Gambia to make the announcement about the coup and later to the State House to brief Yahya Jammeh.

Sana Sabally told the Commission that it was after they arrived at Yundum barrack that they took out the other captured soldiers from the cells and put them inside the Land Rover and went to the forest around Siffoe village to execute them.

He stated that Lt. Gibril Saye, Lt. M.L. Darboe, Lt. Abdoulie Bah, Lt. Buba Jammeh, Lt. Bakary Manneh Nyancho and Cadet A. M. Sillah were the 6 soldiers executed at the forest.

He denied claims that these officers were executed as a result of provocation. He described them enemies who were prepared to kill the junta. He told the Commission that he gave the order for the other council members and their orderlies to kill them.

He further told the Commission that he did not compel Babucarr Jatta to follow them to the forest where the six were executed, noting that Babucarr Jatta never took part in the execution. He revealed that after the execution, the bodies were taken to Yundum Barrack and he gave order for them to be buried and he went to State House to see Yahya Jammeh.

He disclosed that two soldiers were killed at Fajara barrack, three at Yundum barrack and the other six soldiers were killed at Siffoe forest.

He explained that whilst at the guardroom, Lance Corporal Alagie Kebbeh was brought in; and whilst he was interrogating him, Lt. Edward Singateh took out his pistol and shot him in his right thigh. He further explained that he nearly shot Edward Singateh because Edward Singateh never waited for him to finish his interrogation and he had to help carry Alagie Kebbeh to the clinic.

“If Alagie Kebbeh was among the ring leaders I would have killed myself” he stated.

He clarified that at the time, Captain Momodou Badjie, the current security adviser to President Adama Barrow was a commissioner and was not anywhere around the Kombo and was neither in any of the barracks nor in the forest.

Author: Bruce Asemota