Triple-D Foundation holds “Africa of Our Dream’’ Round-Table Discussion

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Non-profit charitable organisation Triple-D Foundation recently held their first round-table discussion on the theme: Africa of our dream.

The Foundation was formed in 2013 to assist people, particularly young people to live a meaningful life and to utilise their skills and potentials.

Director Dr. Lawrence Oweyemi said it is a fact that Africa must undertake the necessary reforms to attain a notable level of prosperity. “We know that it is impossible to uphold individual liberty and preserve the free market economic system without effective and efficient rule of law.”

He said they are aware of the inevitability of the functioning rule of law to punish those who violate human freedom – for example murderers, rapists and fraudsters.

Dr. Oweyemi said it is sad to be hearing the news of hundreds of African migrants dying in the Mediterranean while trying to cross into Europe. “They take the risk in desperation – in search of better economic opportunities.”

He insist that it must be included in the African dream that one day there will be no need for any African to take such death-defying risk, saying the Africa of our dream shall overflow with prosperity.

According to him, there is a great impediment hindering the easy flow and established network for wealth creation in Africa and due to envy, some people are too quick to judge and condemn others who endeavor to push new ideas. “I believe that we Africans can make it in our own countries and not to depend on other continents and countries.”

Author: Fatou Dem