Tribute to Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

When we look back on the history of The Gambia, we find that different people featured in prominent ways at various times. The era of self determination, upholding the principles of democracy and protecting the rights of individuals belonged to Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, and it is my pleasure and privilege to pay tribute to him.

Jawara has steered this country through times of great challenge from the early days of helping out in the struggle for independence and building strong institution that guarantees the protection of fundamental Human Rights. He was Prime Minister and then president in 1970, and over the years he would oversee many defining moments and major developments throughout the country.

He was very good at encouraging political initiatives and cultivating team work. I learnt a lot through his party the PPP. As I rose through the ranks in the party, Sir Dawda’s influence and character had molded me to become a determined and courageous politician.

President Jawara was a towering figure in our time, a legend in life and now in death-a true global hero. Knowing him was one of the great honours of my life. My heart goes out to his family -and to all Gambians and around the world whose lives were changed through his courage. Jawara’s name is synonymous with the pursuit of dignity and tolerance. He championed the cause of both the majority and the minority through Multi Party Democracy.

I respect and appreciate so much the man he was, and always had been. I respect and appreciate so much the courage, the strength, the vision, the love, the leadership he had always shown.

Finally I would like to implore all Gambians, to work towards safeguarding what President Jawara fought for and making sure that his legacy is protected in the best interest of The Gambia and her people.

May God the Almighty grant his soul in Jannatul Fredaws. Ameen.

Mrs. Mariam B. Secka, Deputy Secretary General and Deputy Party Leader

United Democratic Party