Tribute to a wonderful husband and father

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Abdou M.C. Jallow, today 15th February 2018 marks two years since your golden heart stopped beating, your hardworking hands at rest. It broke our hearts to see you go, but God only takes the best. They say memories are golden, well maybe it is true but we never wanted memories, we only wanted you.

Your life was love and hard work, your love for family was true, you did your best for all of us. Our hearts were crushed and sore we did our duty to the end, till we could do no more, we watched you sink and fade away, though our hearts were breaking, we knew you could not stay.

Our lives go without you, but nothing is the same. We have to hide our heartache when someone speaks about you, we struggle to keep our emotions when we talk about you.

Living without you is the hardest part of all, you did so many good things for us. Your heart was so kind and true whenever we needed someone you were always there, those special years will not return but with the love in our hearts you will be with us forever, we will always pray and remember you.

Only God knows how we missed you. May Jannah continue to be your home.

Your dear wife and friend, Aji Fatou


A father who gave me the greatest gift anyone could have given me. Thank you for your love Baba you will forever be in my heart. Continue to rest in peace.

From Zainab


It’s been two years, although I loved you dearly, I could not make you stay, you gave me hope and experience of been deeply loved and truly supported Allah broke my heart to prove to me that he only takes the best. You are greatly missed and shall forever be loved. May Allah SWT have mercy on your soul and grant you JannatulFirdaus.

From Bintou & Malick


You were our inspiration and now life seems so empty without you. Not a day passes by without someone reminding us of one good thing or another you have done for them. Your death left us empty and a gap very difficult to fill, but we know that Allah will replace you in our hearts. I thank Allah for having you as a father, even though I consider it very short lived but your great deeds will forever remain with us and would inspire us to continue from where you stopped. You were a wonderful father and I will forever love and appreciate you. We missed you greatly. May Jannatul Firdausi continue to be your resting place.

Your dearest Ayee


A beautiful soul is never forgotten, the hardest part wasn’t losing you but learning to live without you. May your soul continue to rest in peace. Baba I missed you.

Abdou Karim Jallow


Two years have passed by since you left this world but I still find myself missing you badly. 15th February 2016 was the saddest day of my life, I never thought you will leave this soon. I had lots of dreams at hand that were yet to materialize one such dream was to pay you back all the good things you have done for us, but I believe God loves you more. May you soul continue to rest in peace, May Jannah be your home.

Modou Jallow