Tribute: Special tribute on Alhaji Ebou Taal one of Africa’s finest diplomats

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Alhaji Ebou Taal died at the age of 82 leaving behind a legacy not like many.

Ebou le doyen was a diplomat with a rare ILK and intelligence.

Taal’s professionalism is intercontinental. He was a man whose love for knowledge cannot be measured by words. At a personal level he was a wonderful friend we called our DOYEN Imam Baba Leigh fifteen minutes ago during a phone call reiterated this to me.

Quote: ”Essa Mr Taal had a special liking for you!”.

Definitely true he manifested that liking any time we met.

During our conversations on the sponge at Imam’s compound after Friday prayers, his face shined like twilight in the horizon.

Taal! intelligent minds around the world will miss you!

Death whenever you strike disappointment resides in hearts filled with sorrow.

You have taken one of ours again leaving our hearts filled with endless yearnings. When will we learn?  You keep reminding us in a rather harsh way that these are yearnings we can never contain by desires.  All life can offer at the end of everything is memories and reflections. Most of it  being frozen by sorrow we continue with our cheerful faces trying to avoid death, the visitor who only offers tears and sorrow. Can we ever avoid paying a debt to death? Never! What do we owe death? Our souls!

For life tomorrow means sorrow. The living death leaves behind remain soaked in feelings.  Beware! the sense of feeling is no longer part of it for the departed.

Dawn of life is birth, dusk of life is mourning.