Tribute: Inna LilahiWa Inna ElaihiRaajiHoun. May Allah SWT Grant PapaSerign Muhammadou Kabir KahJannatulFridaus

Thursday, November 22, 2018

We Convey our Condolences to The Gambia, SeneGambia, the Diaspora and Beyond!

This is indeed an extremely sad day for me and the entire Mam Mass Kah Family, the Senegambia and beyond!  Our Father, Khalifa General and Patriarch of our family, Serign Muhammadou Kabir Kah has indeed completed his mission here and has departed to the hereafter.

Our Father and Khalifa General, Serign Muhammadou Kabir Kah was indeed blessed with the gift of purity of heart, integrity, simplicity, deep faith and submission to Allah SWT. He had an unparalleled love for the Prophet Muhammed (SAW). He loved his grandfather- Sering Mam Mass Kah and modeled and lived his life emulating his ideals, values, character and mission.

Papa Serign Muhammadou Kabir was an erudite and brilliant Islamic scholar who was aThought leader witha beautiful and gentle mind, full of wisdom and enlightenment. He comes from the lineage of Mam Mass Kah, MabahJahu Bah, Sheikh AhmadouBamba and Sheikh AlagieMalickSey. He was the Son of MaamAlieu Mass Kah( Son of Maam Mass Kah) and Maam Awa Bah ( daughter of IbraMarem Bah ( half brother of SaitMateh Bah) who were sons of the great MabaJahou Bah.

He was endowed with the unique gift of deeper knowledge (seen and unseen) and understanding. His commitment to his Faith-Islam and Worship, acquisition, creation and dissemination of knowledge was noteworthy. His integrity, truthfulness and ability to always have a grip onhis self-worth and self-esteem was unparalleled. He was not botheredby worldly and materialistic pursuits; and was indeed a fountain of deeper knowledge and wisdom.

Hiscontribution to scholarship, especially Islamic Thought, understanding and enlightenment, education and educating, learning, creation and sharing of knowledge, uplifting and empowering the human spirit and soul,all with a leadership with empathy that hadno limit or boundaries. Throughout his leadership as Khalifa General of Serign Mam Mass Kah, Papa Serign Muhammadou Kabir Kah,had exhibited thegift of servant leadership, driven by empathy, knowledge, purity and the highest order of generosity of spirit with a very kind soul,wrapped up with integrity, contentment, self-esteem and never perturbed by worldly noises and distractions. These values and ideals shouldinspire us all.

His simplicity, respect and appreciation ofhumanity in its diversity was always manifested in all his interfaces and engagements. He is a giant amongst giants in the Khalipha Generals of the big families of the sub-region, with an enviable modesty, humility, knowledgeand wisdom.  He mentored, inspired and contributed to successful and progressive futures of many diverse peoples in the Senegambia Sub-region and beyond.

Once again, our condolences to the family, “Taalibes” and the many out therewho loved him dearly and continue to be inspired by him! May Allah SWT bestow upon our late Khalifa General of Mam Mass Kah

- Papa Serign Muhammadou Kabir Kah of Medina Serign Mass Kah, His infinite mercies, forgive him and receive him in Janatul Firdaus. Ameen.

“To God we belong, and to Him is our return.”

By Prof. Muhammadou M.O.Kah, Former Vice Chancellor, The University of The Gambia & Currently, Vice President & Provost; Professor of Information Technologies & Computing, American University of Nigeria

Source: Picture: Khalifa General Of Maam Mass Kah (May Allah have Mercy on his soul):- Papa Serign Muhammadou Kabir Kah, Medina Serign Mass, North Bank, The Gambia (1926-2018)