Transport unions endorse MoU to revitalise transport sub-sector

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Gambia Transport Agriculture Food and Industrial Workers Union and The Gambia National Transport Control Association aligned with Transport Drivers’ Union The Gambia on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will revitalise the transport sub sector in the country to guarantee an effective operational system.

The members of the committee which would be called National Road Transport Control Committee (NRTCC) under the MoU were drawn from the above unions/associations. The committee members are mandated with responsibility of organising all activities of the transport sub sector throughout the country and in the sub region in collaboration with the government of The Gambia and international agencies – which will be within the frame work of the ECOWAS protocols.

The President of The Gambia Trade Union Bureau (GAMTUB) presided over the signing ceremony. The MoU agreed on 24 committee members charged to coordinate all activities under the agreement and set up various sub committees, create conducive environment for operation, establish and designate regional offices and branches for the management of the day to day activities of the NRTCC under the MoU including activities in all car parks, garages and Abuko trucks garage. Among other stated mandates in the agreement – is for the members to collaborate with the relevant authorities to regulate the movements and activities of foreign vehicles plying The Gambia and as well set up a queuing system in all car parks and garages including Abuko.

Mustapha Jobe, president of Gambia Transport Agriculture Food and Industrial Workers Union, signed for his union while Jarga Faal, president, Gambia National Transport Control Association signed the MoU on behalf of his association.

Author: Yunus S Saliu