Tourists initiate water project for Kobisala Students

Thursday, March 14, 2019

A group of multi-national tourists recently embarked on a day’s humanitarian services in the coastal village of Sanyang, Kombo South.

Kobisala Nursery and Primary School staff informed the visitors of the need to initiate a potable drinkable water project for the cause of at least two hundred pupils.

Speaking to The Point newspaper over the weekend, headmaster of Kobisala Nursery and Primary School, Buba Bojang, said the burden of water supply at the school is shouldered on a faulty power generator, which usually is replaced by the physical labour of staff.

The visiting friends, Umut Sen from Turkey, Sajdad al-Hasai, and Hussein al-Hasai both from Iraq, and Robbie Filipovich from Croatia, were not fully prepared, but had to become philanthropists overnight.

“Once we saw the school without water that was something that really disturbed us. We felt that it is our duty to help other people when it is possible,” says Umut Sen who spoke on behalf of the visitors.

In a related development, the tourists assisted up to twenty families in the village with one month food supply of rice, flour, and vegetables.

The team launched a crowd-funding campaign via social media to raise up to two hundred thousand dalasis which was used to support the projects.

This is the maiden visit of the Netherlands-based businessmen to The Gambia for its warm weather and sandy beaches, but their experience is one that suggests their longer connection with the community of Sanyang.

“Our future plan is to come back every year and help the schools and poor people in Gambia. We have also a lot of volunteers who would love to come to Gambia and help the people. It is the dream of a lot of people back in The Netherlands.”

Author: Ebrima Bah