Toubakolong Nawettan: Sittanunku, Toubakolong share spoils

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Sittanunku United and Toubakolong United Sunday shared the spoils in a hard fought game in the 2019 Toubakolong Nawettan tournament.  Both sides make numerous efforts and attempts but none could put a goal at the back of the net.

Earlier on Saturday, Pakau Penku United could not present themselves for their match against Aljamdu United, resulting to the organizing committee acting on Section 2(iv) and Section 6(I and ii) of the rules and regulations of the tournament, to award Aljamdu United 3 points and 2 goals for the particular game.

Meanwhile, TRRC of Aljamdu will face Democracy United (the choice of the people) on Friday 6 October 2019 while Sanchaba United will lock horns with Lions of Albreda on Saturday 7 October.

On Sunday 8th October Elements of Surprise will battle it out with Naimbelly United.