Toubakolong final set for December 22

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The 2018 Toubakolong Youth and Sports Development Association nawetan final is set to take place on Saturday 22 December 2018 at Toubakolong football field.

 Last year’s finalist Aljamdu United will battle it out with Sitanunku United in the final of the tournament sponsored by Upper Niumi Constituency National Assembly Member Hon. Omar Darboe.

Speaking to Pointsports ahead of the final, Yaya Ndure the Public Relation Officer for Toubakolong Youth and Sports Development Association began by thanking Hon. Darboe for his support, saying they are really proud of him.

He noted that the final will be very competitive as both teams have commenced preparation.

Mr. Ndure urged both teams and their fans to show maximum discipline during the final, saying the aim of the tournament is to promote unity and oneness within Upper Niumi as well as develop grass root talents.

He pointed out that the committee has taken all necessary steps to ensure the final is a success.

“The zonal is violence free but we will also provide security knowing there will be many people”, he went on, adding that, Jaliba Kuyateh will perform on the night of the final at Toubakolong village.

Ebrima Sonko alias Saul Kanyi, the board chairman of Kunta Kinteh football explained that, last year they participated in the North Bank Regional league in which they played 10 games – drew 8 games, won one and lose one game.

He added that this was their first time participating in the region league and were a bit surprise with their achievement.

He stated that, complacency and lack of experience was the reason they could not qualify for the second division but was quick to add that they’ve learnt a lot and hope to do better next season.

“We are very much ready for next season to secure qualification to the second division”, he remarked, saying they have also scouted played during the nawetan competition and if those players are added to the potentials they have they stand a better chance of achieving there desired goal.

He also announced that Aljamdu football association donated Kunta Kinteh FC a set of jersey as part of their social cooperate responsibility and therefore we thank them for their generosity which he said is highly welcomed.

He urges Upper Niumi natives both home and abroad as well as other philanthropists to emulate Aljamdu football association.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb