Tony Blair Opt to assist Gambia in energy crisis

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The former British prime minister and founder of Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has singled out electricity as one single biggest challenge The Gambia government is facing, saying he had discussed possibilities with President Barrow to solve the problem and that he was willing to help.

In an interview with GRTS after a closed-door meeting with the Gambian leader, Mr. Blair said his institute was helping President and Government to implement change.

He said he felt delighted to visit The Gambia for the second time, while acknowledging that The Gambia had gone through some difficult times and there’s need to forge ahead.

Mr. Blair, who will be highly remembered for taking Britain to a misguided war in Iraq in 2003; was also excited about the prospects of change happening in country and felt people should feel the change in their lives.

Commenting on they have discussed with the President, Blair said it was centered on priority areas such as, Electricity Tourism, Health and Agriculture.

He added that his Institution works in Africa to promote change and that his team will stay in The Gambia to help government in the change it wants to make.

He also said that the ties between The Gambia and U.K. are historically strong and there is need to make it more effective.

Source: Picture: Tony Blair