Tinnin Paint launches new group in The Gambia

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Tinnin Paint Group, a Gambian paint factory established in 2014 last Saturday launched a new group in The Gambia called ‘Nyoko Boka’ (It’s ours).

The paint company manufactures and produces several qualities in water, plastic and acrylic base paints for interior and exterior use in all types of buildings.

Tinnin paint offers total colour production choices which are all produce using raw materials with volatile organic components –VOC- and -co2- recommended, environmental friendly, water and weather resistant, non-fading, non-pealing, bacteria and fungus free guaranteed to last between two and five years.

Chief executive officer of the company Badou Sowe, said: “Our mission is to be Gambia’s pride in paint production and manufacturing by offering quality paint with total colour production, excellent customer satisfaction and price competitiveness.”

He said they are committed to the growth and development of the company and to transform it into a highly successful business and market leader in paint manufacturing in Africa.

Alagie Badjie, the company’s production director said the company will be going international in two to three years from now. “In 2022, this company will be well-known as our products will be seen in every corner of the country,” he said.

He said their mission is to produce 80% of the paint used in The Gambia and to sustain production. “We want to expand and export to other African countries and to serve as Gambia’s Ambassador in the export market.”

Author: Fatou Dem