Time for action

Monday, August 26, 2019

Mr. President, the debate on whether you will assume the three years or five years tenure in office is still going on and getting hotter as the countdown goes on.

Time is really against us, and we have been appealing to you many times in this column to address the nation about this issue once and for all. Despite the fact that you did say something about it during your rally in Brikama, we still demand for an official statement from your humble office.

Mr. President, members of the coalition should also come to the media to clarify this hot issue as they were represented during the issuing of this agreement document.

We should have a national dialogue with all politicians to trash out this issue and forge ahead for the betterment of our dear nation, The Gambia.

Politicians, religious leaders, media practitioners and prominent individuals should try and avoid provocative words for the interest of the country as the country is bigger than us all as individuals.

Mr. President, a national conference with coalition leaders, religious leaders, human rights activists, prominent journalists and all other stakeholders should be organised to find a lasting solution to this problem and an everlasting peace.

Gambians should understand that the constitution supersedes any gentleman’s agreement that one agrees on.

We should try by all means to avoid frequent and unnecessary demonstrations as disgruntled elements will always capitalise to cause havocs and unrest in the country.

We appeal to the UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS and US to help Gambia to continue to live in peace.

Mr. President, it’s important to know that any demonstrations in December will jeorpadise the tourist season during which thousands of workers are employed and the economy will be affected as well.

December is usually a month of festivity and it’s not in anybody’s interest to cause trouble in our beloved nation during this time.

Religious leaders should continue to pray and preach peace everyday in the mosques and churches.

Mr. President we hope and pray that with your new appointees into cabinet, dividends will yield.

Yankuba Sonko , minister of the Interior was a lawyer and the IGP for seven years and also, Sheikh Omar Faye, the newly appointed minister of Defence has also been a seasoned diplomat and trained military officer. We pray that with their expatriate and experiences they can make the difference to avert the security threats in the country.

We wish them success.

Finally, Mr. President, since last month NAWEC has been encountering problems in both the Urban and provinces areas.

It is important that you sometimes make surprise visits to these government departments to talk to the juniors or invite employees to write letters to tell you about what is actually happening in their offices.

Mr. President, always employ the right people to the right place, if not there will always be sabotage to your government.

Good day!