Tijaan Kamara to launch book

Monday, November 27, 2017

Veteran Gambian fine artist, cultural administrator and dramatist, Tijaan Kamara will launch his first book titled “WOLLOF MARRIAGE: narrative and interpretation of motives” (Daaraji Publishers) at the National Museum grounds in Banjul on 29 November.

The 62 page book aims to relive the essence of Wollof marriage as done in The Gambia and Senegal and other places where the ethnic group lives.

Speaking in an interview with The Point, Tijaan said the book explains “marriage among the Wollof as not merely a ceremony but a whole range of procedure and protocols from betrothal to consummation.” writes the author in the blurb.

“I hope to rekindle knowledge in this cultural practice which is like the first stage in the life cycle ceremony and practice, and ends by looking at the contrasts between the traditional and Islamic views of Wollof marriage,” he stated.

He disclosed that the book will be reviewed at the ceremony by Hassoum Ceesay, historian and author, and Curator of Gambia National Museum and writers.

 He said the book is a monograph from him as one knows cultural performance, adding that multi-talented artists are in this country and they need help, so this book explains marriage as well as to takes you through all the stages of the marriage rites as well as to place the Islamic aspect of the rites along with traditional norms and values.

 According to him, the book present a complete picture of the Wolof marriage passage as a mixture of the foreign and local and now the culture is such diluted that when looked at very critically, most of the things that they do and accept have become authentic in the eyes of the public. 

Author: Njie Baldeh