Thousands of celebrants mark New Year in grand style

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

New Year across the globe is usually marked with celebrations and prayers in churches.

The Gambia is not an exception as people from all walks of life on Sunday evening took to the streets and major busy points to celebrate the New Year amid fireworks and musical celebrations.

While other celebrants were busy on the streets, some went to the churches to offer prayers to the nation and humanity in general.

One such venue where thousands of people descended was the popular West field roundabout. And not only that Kairaba Avenue and Senegambia strip were also filled with celebrants.

The outpouring number of people along these areas was just amazing, characteristic of the enviable peace and stability the country has been renowned for.

Elsewhere, the night mood across major towns in the country was the same ambiance.

One Fatou Gaye, a celebrant recalled that last year, she, like many others, did not have the chance to celebrate New Year, owing to the political uncertainty that gripped the nation.

“Today I am very happy to celebrate New Year in New Gambia. As we ushered in New Year I pray that God Almighty continues to bless this great country of ours and her people.”

Lamin Johnson, another celebrant echoed similar sentiments. For him celebrating New Year is important as it also avails people the opportunity to wish each other well.

He prayed that God Almighty continues to guide and protect and shower His blessing on all.

Elsewhere, at the Senegambia strip was the same. Though, the slow traffic flow somehow, which is usually the case in that area, was not different scenario this year too.

Generally, all those who spoke to this medium, acknowledged the fact the outpouring number of people only manifest that people are in New Gambia.

“It should have been celebrated the same last year but due to the political deadlock many did not have time to party around.”

Author: Sheriff Janko