‘This gov’t is committed to the interest of all Gambians’

Thursday, May 03, 2018

The Youths and Sports Minister Henry Gomez on Tuesday said Adama Barrow led government is committed to working in the interest of all Gambians at all times.

Gomez, whose ministry is one of the major organisers of the annual May Day celebration in the form of sporting activities made these remarks at the Independence Stadium while addressing the workers.

“Let me use this opportunity to assure you that this government is committed to working in the interest of all Gambians at all times,” he said. “The Gambia we want to see can only be built by ourselves. I therefore urge everyone to assess ourselves and improve our shortcomings.”

The Youths and Sports minister said it seemed a daunting task and impossible due to difficult circumstances but with collective efforts the Gambia can be the envy of many.

“We may find ourselves in some difficult positions and circumstances but we have a responsibility to change the status qua for the good of all Gambians,” he said. “I have a strong feeling that if we work together as a nation, we will make The Gambia great and the envy of many. This may sound impossible but indeed very possible.”

Gomez said it will be an ideal thought “for one to ever imagine that non Gambians will develop our country for us. Therefore it’s given that as workers, it’s entirely our responsibility to design the future of The Gambia and to make her the envy of many.”

“I wish to reaffirm the commitment and continuous support of government to this course,” the Youth and Sports minister said.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko