Thione Secka, Jaliba Kuyateh to shake Independence Stadium

Friday, December 15, 2017

Come 19 January, 2018 the highway to the Independence Stadium is expected to rise above nature as music icons Thione Secka and Jaliba Kuyateh will shake the Independence Stadium with live on stage performance.

The music concert is being organized by Mabou Foundation, in collaboration with Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) as part of to help the hospital.

Speaking in an interview with Point Entertainment and Lifestyle at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Mabou Tourary a promoter and also the brain behind the event said the purpose of organizing the fund raising is to support the hospital adding that Mabou foundation is working together with Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital on a fund raising come the 19 of January.

“We are organizing this fund raising just to help the hospital because everybody knows the situation of the hospital and as a Gambian and we think that is a good idea to work with the hospital because there  is a needy and many people need this hospital.

“We will be having a gala dinner that is going to be at the Independence Stadium where we would have Thione Secka and Jaliba Kuyateh perform.”

Jaliba will be coming with Traditional instruments and Thione Secka is coming with his brothers called Gudi Chosan and we expect people to come in their traditional dresses to make the occasion attractive.

“Whatever we generate from this fund raising is going to the hospital to equip itself which we will need.”

Tourary said the foundation’s main target areas are health, education and environment and is targeting to have the event annually.

 “This one is going to be a national event we want to attract Gambians all over the world.”

 Kabu Silver, a senior administrator at EFSTH said that was a very good move which every Gambian and non Gambian living in the country should appreciate because when it comes to health, EFSTH is the biggest and only referral hospital in the country so if you equip that hospital, it means you have equipped all hospitals.

Silver added that all hospitals including private hospitals do send their patients to EFSTH adding that the hospital needs materials because if you go to other departments, one would find that some of them are not functioning while some equipment are very old so they need replacement and this is very costly.

Health itself is very expensive though government is supporting but government cannot do it alone so they need support from people like Mabou Tourary.

“I think this is the starting. Let all Gambians support this program which is coming up on the 19 of January at the Independence Stadium. Let all Gambians appreciate it and take it as their own because if you support this program maybe you can be saving lives because you never know who will be affected.”

Author: Njie Baldeh