Thione Seck freed

Friday, May 24, 2019

The money-laundering case, which resulted in the indictment of singer Thione Ballago Seck and her alleged accomplice Alaye Djité, is now in its final stages. Judge Maguette Diop has just declared the co-defendants free.

According to the president of the court, the minutes of the preliminary inquiry on which the prosecutor’s office relied for his indictment are void. Thus the objections of nullity raised by the defence at the bar, relating to the non-compliance with the WAEMU Regulation No. 5 which stipulates that the mis en cause must be assisted by a lawyer as soon as he is arrested, have not been respected by the investigators.

Thione Seck and his sidekick had not benefited from their arrest of lawyers and were not made aware of their rights. Thus, by brandishing the regulation n ° 5 of the UEMOA, relating to the presence of a lawyer from the moment of the interpellation, it sends back the public prosecutor to better be able. As a reminder, the leader of Raam Daan was arrested on May 20, 2015 at his home, in possession of 32.5 billion Fcfa in counterfeit notes and charged, along with his alleged accomplice, the Malian Alaye Djitté, for criminal conspiracy alteration of monetary signs having legal tender abroad, money laundering and attempted fraud. At the helm of the Dakar Criminal Court on May 9, the leader of Raam Daan refuted all the charges. In his defence, Waly Seck’s father felt, with tears in his eyes, that he was a victim of maraboutage. His sidekick, the Malian Alaye Djite who calls himself a man of the art, comedian of his state, testifies that these fake bills found at his home, were only for the need of a theatrical scene.

He was remanded in Reubeus prison, Dakar in June 2015 for a period of eight months. However the judge decided to discontinue his case yesterday.

Source: Picture: Thione Ballago Seck