Their Voice Must Be Heard challenges youth to involve in community development

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

A youth organisation based in Kombo South community of Kartong who call themselves Their Voice Must Be Heard have been challenging the country’s young people to be active participants in community development.

The organisation was formed to empower youth in several sectors to actively take part in community development.

Coordinator Mustapha Manneh said there would be less development in communities if young people are not actively engaged in the development programmes.

Manneh pointed out that community leaders need to create space for community-based organisations to be involved in the decision-making process, and share their views towards the development of the community.

He further pointed out that youth participation in community development is significant, and would also help shape their future.

He emphasised that youths are pivotal in the development of the community, and their participation could not be over-emphasised.

Community leaders need to create a platform for the youths in order to actively participate in community development in their respective communities, he added.

Community elders also need to make place for the youth in the community organisations, and they should always be involved in any decision-making process to allow them to participate fully towards the development of their community.

Manneh further stated that when youths are fully involved in community work, there is a huge possibility of community improvement.

Young people must be fully involved in shaping their future and, therefore, their participation would help because they understand and know what affects them in their life, Manneh continued.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Youth for Peace and Sustainable Development, a youth organisation based in Bakau Waa-Sulung Kunda, is set to support and empowering youths with various skills in Bakau Waa Sulung and environs, to improve their well-being.

The organisation was formed a few years ago in Bakau Waa-Sulung, to support and empower youths in the locality to fully participate in national development, as well as their self-development.

The organization wants to support youths in several skills areas, as well as embark on massive cleansing exercises in the area in collaboration with the councilor of Bakau Waa Sulung Kunda ward.

The organisation also wants the new government under the leadership of President Adama Barrow to give more attention to youths in the country, in order for them to realise their aspirations and contribute to nation-building.

The organisation also tasks the new government to create more opportunities for the youths in the country, so as to stop them from involving in social vibes and also to stop them from using the ‘back way’ to Europe.

‘’Youths are instrumental in the development of the country, and the new government needs to render more support to youths to contribute their quota to the development of the country,” ’they stated. 

The organisation is non-political and non-religious and operating in Bakau Waa Suluung Kunda with a multi-faith mission and vision of ensuring peace and development among youths in the area.

The organisation was formed to promote peace and development among young people and to have them engaged in development projects, conferences, workshops, training activities; thereby creating a culture of peace, non-violence and help positively transform the lives of young people.

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: Mustapha Manneh