The Woman Boss trains girls and women on leadership

Friday, March 08, 2019

A Gambian Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; The Woman Boss have trained girls and women recently organised a forum where they trained women and girls on leadership, at Djembe hotel.

The training aim to empower the participants to chase after their vision and dreams. It was conducted under the theme: lifting up the next Generation. 

Dr. Margaret Ellis told the trainees that confidence is the power that lies inside any human being and people cannot move anywhere if they don’t know who they are. “Our internal dialogue can be a challenge to our confidence. There is creativity in you that can make you what and who you want to be.”

Presenting on why women matter, Kumba Daffeh-Kah, founder of Tresor Inc. emphasised that whatever happened in the past does not determine who a person is, saying what matters is one’s tenacity to make it. She told participants that as women, they should never give-up for whatever good they are engage in.

Wedad Sojka, proprietor of Weda’s Fashion said being a woman is tough saying, “I am never going to move forward if I don’t bring a woman with me.” She encouraged the participants to never stop moving forward, no matter what the obstacle they may face.

“Share your experience with others who would want to know because it can make a difference in another person’s life.” 

Author: Awa Ndiaye