The Vision of Pa Njie Girigara: Transforming the KMC into a better place to live

Thursday, February 15, 2018

If elected into office, the following actions will be undertaking with the KMC administration, says Pa Njie Girigara

We will reduce taxes, rates and duties for residential, market vendors, shops and other businesses.

Having taxes reduced, we will ensure tax collections without fear or favor.

We will introduce and implement new information technology system in all administrative procedures and processes especially for data collections, tax collections and management reporting systems.

We will increase salaries of KMC workers reasonably.

In return for the salary increase, we will curb on corruption and ensure transparency and honesty in tax collections processes and compliance.

The following projects and programs will be implemented in KMC.

We will make sure we have a clean environment by implementing the following actions:

Ensure garbage collections and cleaning at all local markets, public arrears and streets to be subcontracted to the private sector based on competitive and transparent bidding process.

Garbage collections in residential arrears, business and commercial locations will continue to be assured by the private garbage collection truck owners and donkey cart owners as presently obtain in KMC.

We realize that many dirt roads off the main roads are difficult to travel during the rainy season. The council will embark on filling, leveling and compacting of potholes before the rainy season to help users travel more easily.

We realize that KMC owes a lot of money to NAWEC for public lighting. We will therefore gradually transform public lighting into solar lighting systems to reduce our electricity bills.

We will subcontract the maintenance and changing of light bulbs and solar batteries to the private sector.

We will rehabilitate dilapidated local markets. We will build new markets in needed communities to reduce the travel distance for market goers and vendors.

We will rehabilitate dilapidated football grounds and build basketball courts in fields where appropriate. We will also build new football and basketball fields in new communities where needed.

We will create parks and playgrounds and sporting zone fitted with public fitness equipment for the general public. We will seek external assistance in realizing these projects as obtain in the Corniche of Dakar donated by the Chinese. We will also encourage big business to participate in these social projects and benefit on visibility on their commercial and company images.

We will build Town hallfacilities where appropriate to facilitate, social events on rental basis. This will be done in collaboration with partners.

We will build monuments in specific public locations to commemorate our distinguish heroes and honorable citizens.

We will move certain dumping sites that cause health hazards on neighbors and create new ones where appropriate. 

We will implement waste collections treatment industries and plants in partnership with the private sector specialized in such business activities.

INNOVATIONS to be introduced during my tenure if elected Mayor of KMC.

We will encourage BIG businesses, such as banks, hotels, telecommunication companies and large commercial enterprises to use tax rebates and their financial contributions to implement and build infrastructures such health facilities, school libraries and laboratories, social centers, sport centers and towns halls. They can permanently have their company names engraved as donors of these facilities to promote their company names, products and commercials as obtain in the Western world specially the USA.

We will initiate worldwide twinning of cities with generous developed cities to attract donations on materials for health centers, hospitals, schools, refuse collection materials andequipment, vehicles and school busses and sporting equipment.

We will establish KMC scholarship schemes for most needy pupils and students especially for orphans, disables from primary, secondary and university levels.

We will create special reserve funds for disaster relief assistance for victims on a timely manner.

We will team up with GAMWORKS for the construction and rehabilitations of dirt roads and other projects.

We will introduce public nightly spraying of mosquitoes infested and nesting arrears.

We will introduce household health inspection teams to encourage and teach residents how to maintain good health practices. The health team will also initiate health program on GRTS and other mediums.

We will introduce competition program schemes to recompense the best by giving KMC trophies and cash prices to public school students par excellence, as well as sports, arts and culture. We will also recompense the cleanest market in KMC.

My Pledges.

Finally if elected Mayor for KMC, you can rest assured that I will be the mayor of ALL residents of the community regardless of political party affiliations, religious and tribal belonging. As ALL of us are taxpayers of the municipality, we will serve each and every resident with equal treatment, access and respect.

I will be fair, honest and uncompromising with regards to transparency, accountability and delivery of goods and services in both administration and projects awards.

I have the required managerial skills and a wealth of experience to make good of my promises, projects and programs over a four yearsperiod.

If elected, my salary will be lodged in a special account for support of needy orphans.

Thank you and vote system change.