The Point Layout Editor to sue Gambia Gov’t

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Layout Editor of The Point Newspaper Nian Sarang Jobe will file a lawsuit against the government of The Gambia for redress and compensation of violation of her rights and discrimination, according to her attorney.

At a press conference on Tuesday at the Victims’ Centre, the lawyer for Miss Jobe, Malick H.B. Jallow said, “we will file a case against The Gambia government.”

Miss Jobe is a direct victim (as she received gunshot wounds) of the fatal shooting incident that took the life of Deyda Hydara the co-proprietor and managing editor of The Point Newspaper on December 16, 2004 along Sankung Sillah Road.

Many are with the view that rogue elements of former president Jammeh are believed to have assassinated him.

The government of the Gambia had earlier paid half compensation to Deyda’s family after it was ordered by the ECOWAS Court.

Jallow said his client deserves compensation as she is a direct victim and for the fact that indirect victims have been compensated.

“It is therefore with shock and fundamental disappointment that she learnt of the decision of The Gambia government through the attorney general, reportedly pursuant to a judgement of the Ecowas Court, to provide compensation to the family of the late DeydaHydara, indirect victims in this case, whilst her repeated request to The Gambia government through the attorney general for compensation as direct victim with respect to the same matter has gone unheeded, he said.”

He said for this reason her client believes the decision not to compensate her is discriminatory.

“It is my client’s position that the said decision is discriminatory and has inadvertently occasioned secondary victimisation.”

It is for this reason that she has decided to seek judicial redress to ensure justice is served in a timely manner.”

Asked why the rush knowing the TTC is in progress, Barrister Jallow said, “the TRRC is already operational now so some will be asking why are going to court, why are you not waiting for the TRCC, I mean we hasten to add that the TRRC is not a substitute to the mainstream justice facility.” 

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: Nian Sarang Jobe