The Heart for Sifoe boosts WRC institutions

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Belgium-based charitable organisation called The Heart for Sifoe has donated learning materials and medications to schools and health facilities in West Coast Region.

The donors say their target is to help Gambian schools and health facilities gain access to basic materials related to their fields that could cost them a lot of money to get. Beneficiaries of the donation include Sifoe health facility and Lower Basic School, Nyofeleh Health facility and Lower Basic, Keur Serign Nursery and health facility.

Founder of the charity at Sifoe lower Basic School Ingrid Telen said they have been supporting some schools and health facilities within West Coast Region since November 2016, with the objective of helping people to become independent and to help themselves.

She said the charity comprises teachers, nurses and pharmacists who have been sharing experience and knowledge with other teachers and nurses/doctors to improve on their humanitarian services.

Madam Ingrid said her organisation is determined to continue sharing knowledge and experience with Gambian teachers, doctors and nurses while commending Kalifa Kanteh for his efforts in the development of the area.

The link facilitator Kalifa Kanteh thanked members of Gambia Rural Poor Association (GAMRUPA) Europe for facilitating the collaboration between The Heart for Sifoe and the community of Sifoe village.

He said The Hearth for Sifoe have been contributing in establishing quality education and health care through the provision of medicines and school learning materials. He commended the organisation for providing school uniforms for some fifty needy students at Sifoe Lower Basic School and their humanitarian gesture in having the heart to share their knowledge, experience and resources with them.