Thank You- EU !

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The European Union has once again announced a staggering 140 million Euros in grants, which comes on top of the Euro 225 million which was already committed.

This development came in light of the bolder commitment by the international community stating 1.45 billion Euros as their support to The Gambia’s National Development Plan (NDP) for the period 2018-2021, an ambitious blueprint for reforms and development approved by the government in January 2018.

This announcement as contained in a final Communiqué by the co-Chairs - International Conference for The Gambia, Brussels 22nd May, 2018, was held at Ministerial level in the headquarters of the European Commission on Tuesday.

At the conference, the Government of The Gambia confirmed its commitment to transforming the country into a new Gambia; a country with strong democratic institutions that respects and protects fundamental human rights, and enjoys economic growth and sustainable development. Laws establishing a Human Rights Commission, a Constitutional Reform Commission and a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission have been passed; a thorough security sector reform is being prepared as well. The new government, true to its commitments, took decisive steps including in reaffirming its membership of the ICC.

Shortly before the conference, the Minister of Information, Communication and Infrastructure, Demba Ali Jawo, has said the International Donor Conference for The Gambia in Brussels was not to beg but to help fix a broken economy.

“It’s a question of being realistic. The reality on the ground is that The Gambia inherited a broken economy and we need international assistance to fix that,” he said.

The conference gathered delegates from 43 countries and 10 International organisations including EU’s bilateral partners such as China and Canada among a host of others.

“As the Conference has been instrumental in mobilising renewed political and important financial support to The Gambia, it is crucial that this momentum be maintained and translated in terms of action on the ground. A close coordination mechanism between the national administration and partners will be maintained in that regard.”

“EU,True friends and partner to The Gambia ”

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