TGG trains organisations on child safeguarding policies

Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Girl Generation (TGG) recently started a weeklong training on child safeguarding policies for 18 organisations across the country, at a local hotel.

According to Haddy Jonga, the programme officer at the TGG, the training was meant to equip institutions and organisations with the requisite skills and techniques to set child safeguarding policies for promoting and protecting the rights of children.

Jonga said as part of their human dignity foundation policy, they need to support organisations with proper child safeguarding measures.

Ms Jonga explained that the reason for the training was not just to equip them with information on the need to safeguard the rights and welfare of children, but for them to return and have their own child protection policies.

According to her, whatever projects or activities they implement, the rights and welfare of children should be their main focus.

“That’s is why we are supporting their organisational capacity so that with or without girl generation support they will able to carry out more projects and activities, bearing in mind the exceptional value of the girl child,” she said.

She added that The Girl Generation has been supporting grassroots organisations in The Gambia and other focal countries, where they operate.

Also speaking, Jemimah Owande, TGG project consultant, noted that most of the organisations that work with children have not put up mechanisms to ensure that children are safe and protected by their programmes.

While emphasizing on the need to equip organisations with the necessary skills and techniques to ensure organisations are safe in terms of their programmes, she commented “We have seen situations where photos of children are taken and are put on the internet without their consent and used to raise resources that never get back to the children.”

She declared that during the training they would be exposing the participants to some of the things which violate the rights of the child and other related issues.

Author: Adam Jobe