Ten students graduate on Qur’an education at Daroul Arham School

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Ten students have recently graduated from learning the Holy Qur’an at Daroul Arham School in Sinchu Alagie after going through an intensive test to meet the standard requirement for a graduating pupil.

The students, according to school officials have all passed the test after spending a maximum of five years of studying what they described as Allah’s most divine way of learning. Since its formation in 1994 by Oustass Ebrahima Assan Cham, a total of 153 students have graduated for the school.

The school officials recently held a general assembly at the school grounds in honor of the 10 students and to encourage those still learning by giving them gifts.

The school children opened the gathering with a song on the importance of learning and utilising the Book; The Holy Qur’an and on the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth.

The school is teaching important components of Islam especially on issues dealing with women wearing Hijab as decreed by Allah in Suratul Nur (The Light); mentioning that in the Sura dealing with Women Al Nisaa, it demonstrated that Hijab is a way of worshipping Allah and not an Arab culture as seen by many people especially activists.

Speaking at the occasion, Aboubacarr Mbye deliberated on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S A W) who, he said lived in Macca and Madina.

According to him, a backbiter is termed as a human flesh eater like meat that is rotten, saying Allah has said that; “The tongue should be as part of worshipping Him which is to speak positively.”

Haddy Bai Touray, an ex –student of the school who is part of a group that is supporting Nady boarding school reiterated the group’s intention to raise more funds to assist in the area of accommodation.

Author: Sainabou Dodou Kujabi