Team-Kaba gets another endorsement ahead of congress

Monday, June 11, 2018

With football stakeholders preparing to go to congress on 18th August 2018 to elect a new executive, Presidents of the five allied football associations of The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) through their heads say they have endorsed the candidacy of incumbent President Mr. Lamin Kabba Bajo and his team.

The five allied associations are The Gambia Football Coaches’ Association, Players’ Association, Women Football Association, Referees’ Association and School Football Association.

This comes less than a week since the Regional Football Association Presidents declared their public support to back Kaba Bajo.

 “We the undersigned allied association members, representing our Associations would like to take cue from the Regional Football Associations in further reaffirming our trust and confidence in Mr. Bajo’s leadership,” the associations said in a statement.

The declaration was signed by the president of Coaches Association Pa Suwareh Fye; Referees Associations president Ansumana Kinteh; 1st Vice President of Players Association Adama Cham; representative of School Football Association Dawda Sowe and 1st VP of Women Football Association Sainabou Cham.

“We [Allied Associations] are satisfied with the progress made so far since he took over the mantle of leadership and we wish to reiterate our unqualified loyalty and commitment in ensuring stability and continuity in ensuring that together we successfully implement the policies and programmes of sustainable football development in the country.”

They said the current leadership at Football House is very much committed to sound Management and Administrative practices in line with best practices that clearly promote the separation of duties within the organisation, and “no institution is more committed to Good Corporate Governance than the current GFF,”

“The recent ranking of an A+ by FIFA’s External Auditors, who were sent to The Gambia for the first time ever, is a clear testimony of this.”

The five-allied associations used the declaration to urge all stakeholders to follow the footsteps of the regions and allied associations to support the current leadership to ensure stability and continuity in football.


Despite these endorsements, there are people who are not happy with the way Football is administered under the Kaba Bajo-led executive. They blamed the executive for the poor performance on the pitch by the national teams. “Kaba and his team should just give chance to a fresh executive. I urge stakeholders to elect a new president,” Buba Manjang, a football fan shared.
Source: GFF