Team Gomsa Bopa hosts hip-hop seminar

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cognizant of the fact that young people compose the majority of stakeholders in the music scene, Team Gomsa Bopa recently convened a day’s seminar on the power of hip-hop at the Alliance Francaise along Kairaba Avenue.

The event that attracted artistes, producers and other stakeholders was designed to enlighten them about their positive role in national development.

Musa Cisse of Africell corporate affairs unit discussed the evolution of the genre from then to now, underlining the importance of hip-hop in national development. “Activism has found itself in hip-hop in a manner that probably requires learning of lessons educationally and morally. Today in our new dispensation, activism has become some sort of moral high ground for youngsters of our present day generation who think that it is a platform where they can claim and be extreme as possible. I belong in the old school and don’t believe in that. I believe in education, creating awareness and responsible activism,” he added.

Mr. Cisse urged youngsters in the hip-hop scene to be responsible in their activism to impact positively on their communities and the country.

Ali Cham aka Killa Ace highlighted the power of hip-hop, saying the genre is lucrative and could boost the tourism sector of any country. “If our artistes are represented at big international festivals, obviously they will be selling The Gambia internationally. Hip-hop also creates employment for the people.”

The rising star also spoke about their line up events for 2018, saying there is need to push the genre at the grassroots setting.

Gambian rapper-cum-activist Killa Ace shot to international fame following the release of his hit single Ku Boka C Geta G, in which he sang against social injustice, oppression, corruption and lack of freedom of expression under the former regime.

Since then, he alongside Team Gomsa Bopa is spearheading a meaningful campaign to increase citizens’ awareness in the promotion of hip-hop music at the grassroots.

Source: Bruce Asemota