TARUD trains women on seed diversity network

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trust Agency for Rural Development (TARUD) on Tuesday concluded a two-day training on the establishment of seed diversity network for twenty women vegetable growers within West Coast Region, at the Somita Agricultural District Extension Centre, in Foni Berefet district.

The objective of the training among others was to improve horticulture techniques for market oriented enterprises and implemented by TARUD through United Purpose’s Nema project.

Speaking at the training, TARUD director, Bai Jabang, said the training would enable the participants to acquire knowledge for development and also address issues of seed, market, land and adopt good horticultural practices.

According to him, women constitute about 75% of the agriculture labour force but remain marginalized while stressing the need for horticulture land allocation to women.

 He pointed out that the Nema projects would help them to alleviate cooperatives of water and other infrastructural problems in their gardens to enable them generate income and sustain themselves.

Jabang further said that the training would also engage them on the production of African leavy vegetable and orange flesh sweat potatoes in order to address malnourishment and stunted growth in under five children and lactating mothers.

TARUD Bio fortification project manager, Lamin Sama, stressed the need for the participants to be steadfast in networking.

He called on women farmers to promote diversification on production practices to enhance productivity in addressing to attain sustainable livelihood development

Fangsoto market federation president, Ousman Manneh, underscored the importance of training the farmers on enterprise development strategies, with the objective to support vegetable producers.

He said horticulture development would provide an important opportunity for their economic and social empowerment.

Author: Yai Dibba