TAPEA Hails Elders

Monday, October 02, 2017

As part of the activities marking International Day of the Aged, the President of the Association for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (TAPEA), Priscilla Jones, writes to hail the efforts of the elders for their role in shaping today’s society and to draw attention to the plight of the elders.

Below is the full statement sent to this paper:

It is indeed a great day to commemorate as the world celebrates International Day of the Aged, which is observed every 1st October.

The Association for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (TAPEA) deems it very fitting to write an article to commend our old people of great wisdom, which is the association’s keen interest.

Our main aim and objective solely lies in the recognition and concern for the welfare of old people, by creating public awareness on abuse and neglect towards old people in different settings, which always causes emotional, physical and social distress.          

The association aims to create public awareness programmes as conducted in subsequent yearly activities with different stakeholders, including government officials to compliment their efforts towards nation-building.

We relentlessly promote conducive environment where people express appreciation to the cherished roles played by old people, geared towards enlightening the public onthe abuse of elders and its prevention. 

What comes to mind is mere insult or assault, but in a broader perspective it includes passive form of abuse which is an act done unknowingly and the active form of abuse, which is done knowingly.

These are two types of abuses defined but it entails various categories to mention a few, such as financial exploitation, failing to provide food or medication at the appropriate time and confinement or isolation of an old person from being dependant or caregiver.

In our agenda to meet our main aims and objectives on public awareness with families, different stakeholders, parastatal and Government functionaries, the association urges all to assist and support this noble initiative. We will always be willing to work closely in partnership with the relevant partners working towards realising the goal of this association.

On behalf of the association for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, (TAPEA) wishes all old people worldwide a happy celebration for their tireless contributions to this our beautiful world so that the latter years will be abused and neglect free.

Priscilla Jones President of the Association for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (TAPEA).