Tankong Kunda women may drop rice cultivation this season

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A group of women in Tankong Kunda in the Central River Region North Sami District said they might not be involved in rice cultivation this rainy season after several attempts to secure a tractor to plough their upland rice fields.

Rainy season rice cultivation is one of the major activities of rural women for family consumption and some surplus to sell, usually at weekly local markets call Lumo.

“Right now we are hopeless and caught between either forgoing this year’s rice production or use our locally made instruments to plough our rice fields. That is a tedious work considering the late rains,” Penda Komma told our CRR correspondent in a recent interview.

She said they intend to cultivate their rice at this stage but because rain is not forthcoming, they will not be able to plough their fields with their traditional equipment that they use with bare hands. “We used to have tractors to plough our fields in the previous years but we have not been getting them in the past. We are suffering a lot because the agriculture department has stopped bringing tractors,” she said.

Another farmer Hawa Jawneh said it is from the rice production they help themselves and their families’ consumption. “It is also from the rice we sell that we usually use to pay our childrens’ school fees.”

Author: Ousman Jallow