Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital needs support for upgrading

Friday, November 10, 2017

Foday Jawula, health officer in charge of Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Unit said the unit needs more support to upgrade it facility.

Jawula made this disclosure on Thursday during a visit by the National Assembly Select Committee on Health at Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Unit in Bijilo. He said more attention needs to be given to the unit because the numbers of psychiatric patients are on the increase.

“This unit is meant for rehabilitation,” he said, pointing out that Tanka Tanka is an institution that is divided into two portions, explaining that before patients come there, they have to go through poly clinic, “where we also have psychiatric nurses who are sitting there to assist the patients with recommended treatment.”

Most of these patients who are coming here, he said, have very serious condition and that they have to be kept and be given the right medication.

Jawula outlined the challenges they are being face with, saying human resources is lacking. “I can say because the risk attached to working with mentally ill people deter many people to work with the unit.”

Hon. Ousman Sillah, the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Banjul North and also the chairperson for the committee outlined the purpose of their visit, saying it was meant to know more about health issues as part of their oversight functions as National Assembly members.

“We have multiple roles,” he said, adding that they make laws and many other things.

He pointed out that there are institutions that are funded from taxpayers money and are given mandates based on laws and regulations. He therefore, explained that their roles among others are to ensure that those resources are put where they are supposed to be put.

“We also do advocacy – that is to promote issues regarding health both inside and outside the National Assembly.”

The team also visited Serrekunda Hospital where they had a conducted tour of all the facilities.

Author: Njie Baldeh