Tanji boat capsize:1 body found, identified as Senegalese

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Navy and police sources have confirmed the recovery of one dead body from Tanji Sea who is believed to be one of three men whose boat capsized in the sea last week.

The man is identified as Papa Mamadi Ceesay, a 45-year-old Senegalese who was residing in Brikama and a fisherman at Brufut fishing center. “Three of them went fishing and when the boat capsized, only one of them escaped because he was wearing a live vest. Papa Mamadi’s body was found but the second one is yet to be seen,” a fisherman at Tanji fishing center said.

Earlier reports indicated that seven of the fishermen were missing but the latest navy and police sources confirmed that they were three. “Papa Mamadi’s body was found offshore after it was washed by the waves. He was immediately buried on the sea side because it spent almost four days in the water,” one of our sources said yesterday.

On Saturday, three girls, including the 11-year-old daughter of a navy officer also died at Mandinaba River when eleven of them went to fetch fuel wood and were taken by high tide.

Fishermen at sea have warned people to be careful of going to the sea these days as the high tide is coming high on the offshore than usual. 

Author: Amadou Jallow