Tamba Mansary asked me to undress and lie on the table: Nogoi Njie

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

UDP’s Nogoi Njie on 21 January, 2019, continued her testimony in the NIA case and said before Justice Kumba Silla-Camara of the High Court in Banjul that Tamba Mansary asked her to undress and lie on a table.

When the case was called, Counsel Mendy rose and said that she was representing the state along with Yassin Senghore. Defence Counsel Chime announced his representation for the first accused and holding brief for Counsel Ibrahim Jallow. Counsels Fatty and Dago were also part of the defence team.

Nogoi Njie told the court that when Sheikh Omar Jeng came, the NIA officers held her and she pleaded with Sheikh Omar Jeng to help her, but did not help her and left her there. She said she grabbed the masks of the NIA officers to identify them, noting that she removed the masks from their faces and recognised them.

She testified that two of the accused persons had masks on their faces, and was asked to identify them. She then walked to where the accused persons were and pointed at Tamba Mansary and Babucarr Sallah.

She further adduced that they were beating her and forcing her to lie on the table, adding that it was Tamba Mansary who ordered some boys to beat her. She disclosed that when she wanted to escape, one of them tied a rope in a circle and threw it and caught her legs.

She narrated that Tamba Mansary pushed her until she fell on her knees which started bleeding, stating that some men held her head while others held her hand. She told the court that she was crying, asking for help. She said that they put her in a cell and an old man came and asked her why she was crying. She stated that the old man told her that she could cry until the following day and nobody would help her.

She informed the court that she told the old man that God would help her, disclosing that they asked her to go to a room where there was a big weapon. She said that when she entered the room, she found seven old men there, who asked her to get into another room. She added that when she entered the room, she found Tamba Mansary who was not wearing a mask, saying further that it was Tamba Mansary and another man who were in the room and there was also a table in the room.

She testified that they tied a rope to the ceiling close to the table and asked her to undress in front of them, adducing that she started reciting the Qur’an for God to help her. She said that Tamba Mansary told her that they were tired of her and would tie her with the rope. She disclosed that she told him that it was only God who could do that but not him.

Nogoi Njie told the court that Tamba Mansary told her that this was the last time to tell her to undress, noting that she told them that if she undressed in front of them, their eyes would burst. She went on to say that Tamba Mansary was the first person to beat her on her left arm, adding that both of them continued beating her inside the room.

She stated that the seven old men were counting the number of beatings in English and French, indicating that they used a rubber whip to beat her. She adduced further that when they finished the beating, an old man came and told them to excuse him.   

She told the court that she did not remove her clothes neither did she lie on the table, adding that while she was reciting the Qur’an, they fell near the wall and held their heads and said she was reciting the Qur’an on them. She narrated that Tamba Mansary pushed her and insulted her mother, and asked her to get out.

She said that when Tamba Mansary pushed her, she fell on her knees again and blood started oozing out, further saying that she then got out of the room and was asked to go into another room. She stated that she found the old men there and a table, and some were holding their books and pens, indicating that there was a cameraman who was standing there while she was being interviewed.

She adduced that the old men told her that they wanted her to join their group, adding that they asked her which party she belongs but told them that she was not brought for that, and told them that she belongs to the UDP.

She disclosed that they told her to go out and follow James, noting that they asked her to join their party which is APRC. She testified that they took her to a cell and asked her to stay there, stating that her entire body was stained with blood because of the beating.

She noted that she refused to sit in the cell where there was urine, saying that she found Modou Ngum, Kafu Bayo and Ebrima Jabang in the cell and asked them, and they told her that they were arrested by the PIU officers.  She said that she told them that this was what brought her there and asked them what they did to them.

She stated that she told them that the beating was painful and asked them to leave it in the hands of God, disclosing that less than two minutes, they opened the door and asked Modou Ngum to get up and tied him at the door and took him away after closing the door.

She adduced that she told Kafu Bayo not to undress, adding that they brought back Modou Ngum whose body was stained with blood. She said that she held his shirt and asked him to sit down, noting that he bent down and she asked him to raise his head up.

She told the court that James took Kafu Bayo away, disclosing that James brought Solo Sandeng, opened the cell and asked him to sit on the urine. She stated that she wanted to get up but felt some pain on her knee, adding that she managed to hold Solo’s hand and brought him close to her.

She testified that while they were sitting there, they heard other people crying, indicating that Solo’s clothes and body were stained with blood. She said that she spread a wrapper and asked Solo to lie down, narrating that she also asked the others to lie on another wrapper.

She disclosed that Solo Sandeng started to sleep, further saying that Solo asked her to relax and that they had seen what she had done for them. She adduced that James came again and asked Solo to go and answer, adding that Solo stood up and she told him not to undress.

She said that they covered his eyes, stating that less than two minutes, James came and told her to go and answer. She said they took her to another place where there were people who were in a line, covering their faces with masks.

The case continues today.

Author: Dawda Faye