TAF calls on Gambians to remain positive in making NDP a reality

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

An award winning Gambian entrepreneur and CEO of TAF Africa Global has called on Gambians to put hands together and be positive so as to ensure the full realisation of the National Development Plans (NDP).

Mustapha Njie alias TAF made these remarks in a recent interview with Mansour Niang of the Fatu Network.

“Here is huge money coming into the country for everybody to benefit. I would urge every Gambian to take the challenge and contribute towards the full development of our country,” he said.

The renowned entrepreneur, who is a household name in Africa’s housing industry, explained further that The Gambia in its history has never seen such an amount of money pledged towards development initiatives.

 “If it is done rightly, it will be a huge investment in the country and once it is invested all Gambians would benefit in one way or the other”.

TAF explained further that these monies coming through and once all the projects are implemented, would greatly facilitate direct foreign investment and even for local investments because the amount of roads to be built, hotels, houses, factories and energy, would contribute a lot in the country’s productive and economy sectors.

“Energy sector is looking of $487M to pump in electricity and that can help,” he stated.

Highlighting the challenges facing The Gambia especially in the electricity sector, TAF remains upbeat about the country’s business environment and that once things get started people would like to come and do businesses.

It could be recalled that the European Union (EU) and partners have pledged a financial support of 1.45 billion Euros to The Gambia to help the country implement its national development blueprint from 2018-2012. This was disclosed at the recent donor conference held in Brussels. The amount, according to many, is more than The Gambia’s annual budget estimate of over 14 billion dalasi in 2018. 

Author: Pa Modou Cham
Source: Picture: Mustapha Njie alias TAF An award winning Gambian entrepreneur and CEO of TAF Africa Global