‘Taekwondo is for self-defence, not for fight’

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fernando Abaga Edjang, the trainer at Professional Taekwondo Gambia (PTG), has said that Taekwondo martial art refers to the kicking and punching techniques meant for protecting oneself against attacks and not for aggression as assumed by many people.

“It is more about building self-defence, self-confidence and self- respect as we are living in a very dangerous world,” he said in an interview with this reporter at PTG centre in Fajara on Monday.

Mr Edjang said the art balances human mind and body as well as enhances muscular fitness, mental stability, and balances the body during movement.

PTG is a martial art training centre located in Fajara.  It was established in June 2017 by Fernando Abaga Edjang.  Fifty students are currently being trained there at different times of the day.  They comprise young and old, males and females, from different countries including The Gambia.

PTG is also a member of Gambia Taekwondo Association, the umbrella body of all Taekwondo training centres in the country.

Mr Edjang, the master and trainer PTG, is an Equatorial Guinean and was the deputy representative of the United Nations Development Programme in The Gambia from October 2015 to December 2016.

He has been a Taekwondo practitioner for thirty years.

Author: Mustapha Ceesay
Source: Picture: The Taekwondo training centre in Fajara